Deutsche Bank share price

Deutsche Bank challenges – Is the fault only of the banks?

Deutsche bank is grappling under a series of crisis, mostly of its own doing and the one that has affected the most is the recent fallout with US Justice department (DOJ), which is on the verge of slapping a multi-billion dollar fine on the German bank for its active role in selling derivatives and other[…]


Conflict of interest in Banks

The Lehman Brothers crisis where hundreds of savers lost their life savings hasn’t moved the Banks enough to sort their ethics about Mis-selling. Recent incidents that have come to light show that the regulators are yet to find ways to force banks to curb such practices. Individuals trust the banking system, but the practices and[…]

central banks who introduced negative interest rates

Central Bankers are ruining the Savers

Ever since news broke out that RBS will start charging interest on deposits, many have voiced their concern. Among those, the most prominent was the chairman of RBS himself who was vociferous enough in expressing his views that if interest rates continue to fall or eventually become zero, then,the central bank would lose much of[…]

Greece debt

Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis

Like many other countries, Greece’s government has, for years, borrowed money to balance its books. But even before the financial crisis of 2008, Greece had a history of unsustainably high debt levels and fiscal irresponsibility. A large portion of these debts were hidden off balance sheet. In 2008, the financial crises lead to a global[…]